Risk Understanding By Yourself for Diabetes & Its Complications
RUBY Program In support of the Western Pacific Diabetes Declaration
What is RUBY

In response to the Western Pacific Declaration for Diabetes (WPDD), The Risk Understanding By Yourself is a Microsoft Access tool designed to help you and your health care team to assess your risks for diabetes and its complications.

RUBY 1 Program calculates validated risk scores for diabetes in different populations. The Program also provides recommendations on intervals for screening and practical tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If there is no validated risk score applicable to your area of residence, you may assess your own risk by referring to common risk factors shared by these risk scores (click to next page), notably family history, hypertension, obesity and age.

After a simple registration, a care professional can download the program, RUBY2, to assess the risk factors and complications of their patients with diabetes as part of their clinical management.

A lay person can print out the blank form from RUBY 2 Program to familiarize themselves about the nature of a comprehensive diabetes assessment and discuss with his/her health care team for next plan of action.